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Rebranding Case Study

As the Lead Designer at, one of my early projects was to work on the new identity design for the company. The project soon evolved to rebrand – from the tone/voice to our tagline, identity, print and web collaterals. Rebranding by Preet Arjun Singh Toronto

The site has multiple categories, with multiple brands and products – multiple customer personas as well.

To ensure we didn’t treat the baby category banners in same way as the office supplies one, different color palettes and types were associated for each category type.

We did not want our customers to think of our brand as a discount shop.

That said, we still had to push sales using promotions. So, the callouts had to be fun, vibrant and reflect the energy of the brand than the numeric value of the sale itself.

The biggest challenge was to ensure the consistency in designs, while designing multiple collaterals focussing on different categories every single day. Building a style guide for each of the collaterals (hero banners, email assets, content blocks, landing pages etc.) helped resolve this challenge. Rebranding by Preet Arjun Singh Toronto

Tools used

Visual Design

I use Sketch for most of my design related tasks. Designing in Sketch, also makes it easy to export assets etc.

A/B Testing

I tested quite a few homepage as well as category banners using Optimizely. A/B testing helped us find out what colors worked the best in certain categories.


Graphic Design

Most of the web collaterals were designed on photoshop, as majority of them included photographic assets of products and their respective brand elements.